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Board of Directors


Gianna Cagliano, Chairwoman of the Board

Gianna, comes to The Dietrick Institute through an interest in food, how it gets to our table, and the quality of health it imparts. She is a successful jewelry artist by vocation, and a chef by avocation. Through these endeavors she brings the skills of project management, creative visioning, and communication to the Institute board, so that the message of living well and living lightly can be broadcast to the greatest number of people. Dedicated to the welfare of all beings, she has volunteered her energy into local gardening projects, landmark preservation, and food education. Gianna believes that all humans wish to live in beauty and wellness, and that the support of intelligent bio-control is a critical link the welfare of the web of life. Gianna lives in Ventura County

Kate Burroughs, Board Member

Kate is a Board Certified Entomologist, licensed Pest Control Adviser, and Certified Crop Advisor providing ecological pest management solutions for agriculture and landscape clients. Kate co–founded Harmony Farm Supply and Nursery and now farms in Sebastopol, CA and in Hawaii. She graduated with a B.S. in Entomology from U.C. Berkeley in 1975. She worked for California Department of Food and Agriculture from 1975–1978 working on control and eradication projects. She then started her own IPM consulting service working with apples and wine grapes in the North Coast region of northern California. Kate has taught at Santa Rosa Junior College and at numerous conferences on ecological pest management. She currently lives in Sebastopol, CA.

David Loring, Board Member

Dave is a licensed agricultural pest control advisor specializing in the use of biocontrols in landscape maintenance. He has eight years overseas experience, two years as an agronomist in Cambodia working at the national vegetable seed station, three years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand with the Land Development Department and three years with the South East Asia Project of the Dietrick Institute. David also worked for two years as a researcher for Sunset gardening books. He received a Bachelors in Soil Science from Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, California in 1977. He currently lives in Escondido, CA

Duke Gribble, Secretary of the Board

Duke received his State of California K–12 teaching credential and cum laude baccalaureate degree from Northridge University, while majoring in English and Theater. He has over 10 years experience as an environmental educator using hands on activities to instruct children and adults and has been recognized by the United States Presidency with a Certificate of Merit for service to the nation through environmental protection. He is currently working on an entomological internet database. Duke currently resides in Ventura, CA.

Bryce Yukio Adolphson, Treasurer of the Board

As well as participating in the biocontrol industry in Ventura County, Bryce works as a photojournalist and non–profit Project Coordinator for Mama Hope, a US–based NGO. His projects have included using the arts to train East African youth and adults in a number of programs including drip irrigation, community banking and self expression through photography. Locally, Bryce resides in Oxnard, CA and serves on the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Ventura County.

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